Rita Pereira

Rita Pereira

My passion for Yoga was born is 2005, as a student, but after 7 years I felt my path was to teach and I became a teacher. I´m certified in IYENGAR Yoga, Junior Level I and certified by Rainbow Kids Yoga.

In 2014 I opened my first yoga studio “Yoga loves Yoga” that reflects my passion. In 2019, I founded Centro IYENGAR Yoga Lisboa – São Vicente.

I am also graduated in Social Work and have worked for many years with vulnerable groups and elderly population. In 2013, I also started my experience as a farmer and I have a community and organic garden.

Today I dedicate my life to the study, practice, and teaching of this Art. My classes are a reflection of my continuous learning and dedication. I attend workshops regularly with teacher Patxi Lizardi and Cristian Pisano. My daily practice continues with teacher Billy Konrad and online with Abhijata Iyengar (India).

I teach regular classes in my center, participate in festivals, I organize the “Yoga na Aldeia” retreat and I frequently travel to India.

I like to compare Yoga practice with the nature observacion. When we contemplate nature and feel the smells, hear the sounds, and observe the colors, we stop. The mind focuses, concentrates, and observes the moment. This is how Yoga practice is. Only through observation, sensitivity and humility we can learn, feel and internalize.

I started my Yoga practice as a student.

I did my first training in Hatha Yoga, as a Yoga Instructor, in Associação Europeia de Terapias Orientais, until 2012.

I started teaching Yoga classes at gymns and therapy centers in Almada. I started my regular practice on IYENGAR Yoga method.

I joined the Yoga training for children and families, certified by Rainbow Yoga Kids.

I started training in advanced studies in IYENGAR Yoga with the sénior teacher Billy Konrad. This training lasted 3 years and ended in 2016.

I opened my first studio “Yoga Love Yoga” in Baixa Pombalina, in Lisbon.

I started Yoga classes for adults at Junta de Freguesia de São Vicente.

I started giving Yoga classes to preschool children (3-6 ages), and primary school (6-11 ages), by Junta de Freguesia de São Vicente in 3 public schools.

I became a certified IYENGAR Yoga Introductory Course of Level II teacher. Studio´s address change to Freguesia de São Vicente.

Between 2016 and 2020 I assisted teacher Billy Konrad at the therapeutic classes.

I started and advanced training with the teacher Billy Konrad, which is still currently ongoing. First trip to India.

I attended classes, studied and practiced at the Ramamani IYENGAR Yoga Memorial Institute, in India, with the master´s sons, Geeta Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar, and his granddaughter Abhijata.

I took another IYENGAR Yoga exam and I get the Intermediate Junior I Level.

I participated in the centenary celebrations of the Master´s birth where I had the opportunity to practice once again with his children and to attend the last classes conducted by his daughter Geeta.

I founded the Centro IYENGAR Yoga Lisboa – São Vicente.

I did an Intensive Yoga Course with Usha Devi in Rishikesh, índia.

I started teaching teens with special needs, between 12 and 18 years old, at Escola Secundária Gil Vicente.


Cecilia Berberian

Regular practitioner for over 15 years. I started my yoga practice directly with the iyengar method, in Buenos Aires in 2005. I fell in love with this practice with the guide of my teacher Beatriz Tortolano.

Since then I have practiced the method regularly with the certified teachers Mónica Moya and Mónica Chaselon in Argentina and Billy Konrad in Portugal.

Started my teacher training in 2011 in Argentina with Paula Self Tortolano and completed it with Delfina Mendoça. In 2016 was certified by RIMYI, Pune, India with Level I and since then I have continued my training and practice, both as a student and as a teacher.
In 2017, I visited the RIMYI -Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute-, heart of the Iyengar family, having the opportunity to attend to therapeutic classes, which was a great learning experience.

Over these years I have participated in internatonal seminars with Raya Uma Datta, Abhijata Iyengar and Arun H.S (India), Christian Pisano and Faeq Biria (France), Patxi Lizardi (Spain) and Lois Steinberg and Carrie Owerko (USA).
I took contemporary dance classes with Eugenia Estevez in Buenos Aires and Lucas Condró in Madrid. I am a graphic designer and professional cook.
The practice of yoga has been the discipline that accompanies me and integrates every moment and facet of my life. From the physical level in search of greater freedom of movement, understanding freedom in the body as freedom in life.

From the emotional and mental level, integrating all the facets that are part of a person, in a practice that cultivates commitment and discipline and represents am immense tool for self-knowledge, self-love and liberation. I believe in the regular practice of yoga as a way of keeping this link between mind, emotion and body alive.

I started my practice in Iyengar Yoga and since then I have dedicated myself to practice and study as a student.

I started teaching yoga classes in studios.

I started my training in the Iyengar method.

I opened my first studio “Casa Estúdio Yoga Iyengar” in the city of Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Palermo, where I worked until I moved to Lisbon.

I became a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with Level I.

I visited the RIMYI -Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute.


Sandra Melo

I’ve started practicing Yoga in 2012, having tried many styles.

And it was in 2013 that I started practicing Iyengar Yoga and since then I have dedicated myself with all my heart and soul to this method.

I’m a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, Introductory course of level II, by the Iyengar Yoga Association in the Uk, having done my training with Alaric Newcombe.


I’m also certified by Rainbow Kids Yoga and Connected Kids Professional Tuition of mindful activities, both in London.

I continue to study and deepen my knowledge of yoga practice, participating in retreats, workshops, regular classes and through my personal practice.

I deeply believe that Yoga is more than a physical discipline; it is a way of living.

And by finding pose, flexibility and ease in our Yoga practice we extend this to our lives, achieving true and lasting transformation.

I’m also graduate in Economics and specialized in Management Control and Accountancy.

I started practicing yoga in London, and tried many different styles.

I began my Iyengar Yoga practice and since then I have dedicated myself to the practice and study of this method.

I completed my Connected Kids Professional Tuition certification of conscious activities in London.

I completed my Connected Kids Professional Tuition certification of conscious activities in London.

I became a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher by the Iyengar Yoga Association in the United Kingdom

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